First Aid Kits

Rec 1
A small kit designed to treat mild wounds & burns, suitable for someone looking for a relaxing holiday.
Rec 2
Designed for the slightly more adventurous, it has a more complex range of products than the Rec 1.
Rec 3
For those more likely to have moderate abrasions, cuts, bites, burns, sprains and strains. The extensive inventory of this kit can also be used for eye irrigation and contains instructions and items for the treatment of snake bites.
Pro 1
This versatile kit is filled with a varied and extensive inventory that allows you to be prepared for a large variety of situations. This kit would be suitable for the adventurous and large groups.

For more information on the contents of these First Aid Kits or for assistance choosing the right kit for you, book an appointment with our Travel Medicine Clinic today!

Water Purification

“Go Fresh” Water Purification Straw
A compact, BPA free drinking ‘straw’ that can filter out bacteria, viruses, chemicals and heavy metals from any water source as you are drinking it. This straw will filter 200 litres of water or 100 days of typical use by 1 person.
“Fill2Pure” Flip top water bottle
This 800ml, flip top drinking bottle contains a filter to remove 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and chemicals. The filter sits at the bottom of the bottle for easy filtration of every drop! 1 filter will work for up to 400 letres of water and replacement filters are available.
“Micropur” water purification tablets
A water treatment option for people who will be able to obtain clean and/or partially filtered water (eg: clear tap water). 1 tablet will purify 1 letre of water; these tables are available in 25, 50 and 100 tablet pack.

Insect Repellents

Our clinic stocks “RID” Tropical strength insect repellent
Available in aerosol, pump and roll on canisters. This insect repellent contains 19.5% DEET making it suitable for protection against vector borne disease (eg: malaria, dengue fever, etc.). A kids roll on is also available.

Hand Sanitiser

Good hand hygiene is accredited as a first line prevention for getting sick! When soap, clean water and suitable clean drying cloths are not readily available these water free hand gels combat the germs that cause illness.

Mosquito Nets

Hang-able mosquito nets
These mosquito nets are impregnated with an insecticide making it a Life Long Insect Net by the standards set by the World Health Organisation. This means that the insecticide in these nets will last the lifetime of the net despite repeated or continuous use and washing. The nets are available in single and double sized as well as compact versions of both. For exact dimensions and weight see one of our travel staff.
Self-Supporting mosquito net
These nets erect in just seconds and contain an ‘built-in’ support frame rendering the need to find something to hang the net from obsolete. The net can be adjusted for single or double use and contains re-enforced eyelets for pegging the net down should it be required. The net fabric is also treated with an insecticide that will remain effective for up to 3 years with appropriate care.
Head Net
Designed to keep insects away from the face and neck; these nets sit on top of your head or hat and effectively protect skin that may not have been typically covered.

Ensure you are protected before going overseas on that dream holiday, call to book your Travel Medicine Consultation with our experienced Doctors & Nurses today!

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