Due to the continual loss in our ozone layer, more harmful ultraviolet rays are reaching the earth’s surface. This problem is worse in the southern hemisphere so it is for these reasons that Australia has a high incidence of skin cancer. Lithgow Medical Clinic provides doctors with years of experience in skin cancer checks.
The Treatment Room is equipped to have your worrisome moles removed, and sent to Pathology immediately. Don’t delay and contact us now to arrange an appointment. Remember that when treated early, skin cancer is almost 100% curable.

ALL Skin checks, biopsies & removals performed at Lithgow Medical Clinic are Bulk Billed.
SO, WHAT IS A ‘SKIN CHECK’ AND WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? – A ‘Skin Check’ is essentially a full body skin examination. All the worrisome spots are examined first and then the remainder of the body is checked for any suspicious spots. Particular emphasis is placed on the face, back, hands and feet, because these regions carry a higher risk.

HOW LONG DOES THE PROCEDURE TAKE? – Generally between 30 and 45 minutes.
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A LMC ‘SKIN CHECK’? – Lithgow Medical Clinic provides doctors with years of experience in skin cancer. Also, a treatment room equipped for mole removals immediately.

APPOINTMENTS: Available 7 Days, including until 5pm weekends!

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